The 24K Beauty Box



A concentrate of Guyanese nature in a luxury cosmetic range to sublimate and take care of your skin.


For every Twenty-Four K Box Set purchased, enjoy a free Rich Gloss!

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The 24K range consists of 3 cosmetic products to

reveal the Gold that is within you!

First French Guianese range of luxury cosmetic treatments based on formulas with gentle sensorialities and rich in clinical active ingredients.

Designed in Guyana, in the laboratories of Bio Stratège Guyane, the 24K range is bio-inspired by the synergy between the traditional oils of two emblematic palm fruits of our Amazonian land: wara and wassaï! This WW synergy is naturally protective for the skin, which it deeply nourishes and repairs while providing it with a touch of Amazonian sensuality.




My24 Serum

Concentrated in active ingredients in synergy with wara and wassai oils, My24 Serum gives your skin long-lasting hydration and maintains its firmness and elasticity day and night.

30 mL

Glow Serum

Made from wara and wassai oils, the Glow Serum deeply hydrates the skin and illuminates the complexion, giving it a natural glow.

30 mL

Rich Gloss

Moisturizing and plumping, the Rich Gloss sublimates your lips by giving them radiance.

10 mL